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Is the W.H.O Putting Politics Before the World's Health?

Since COVID-19 first made headlines late last year, the global population has been relying on the World Health Organization to navigate this unprecedented event. Yet, nations are now beginning to reexamine the importance of the W.H.O., as its actions and information provided during this pandemic have been wildly inaccurate, bordering on negligent. This has raised the suspicions of some member countries to believe that the financial donations and political clout Beijing has provided the W.H.O has caused it to curry political favors at the expense of the health of our global population.

Starting in December 2019, the country of Taiwan warned the W.H.O. on how COVID-19 was believed to be spread by human-to-human transmission, a widely accepted fact today. The W.H.O. not only dismissed this evidence, but also dismissed Taiwan. As this organization doesn't formally recognize the country's sovereignty and instead views it as a rogue province of Mainland China.

Instead of acting on this information which could us presumably saved the lives of thousands, and the jobs of millions, the W.H.O. merely regurgitated the data and talking points of the CCP. The W.H.O. Director General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus even went so far as to praise Beijing for its response to the epidemic, where he was quoted as saying “We appreciate the seriousness with which China is taking this outbreak, especially the commitment from top leadership, and the transparency they have demonstrated...".

The level of transparency Beijing has "demonstrated" is debatable as in the early day of January 2019, the world gained knowledge of eight Chinese doctors that Beijing had jailed for spreading "malicious rumors", when in fact they were sounding the alarm of a serious new disease was spreading throughout the country. The brave actions of these whistleblowers were made in early November 2019, and if Beijing would of acted in a transparent and responsible manner, it unknown how many lives could have been saved. One of the Doctors, Li Wenliang even went back to join his colleagues on the frontlines of the epidemic, even after such despicable treatment from his government. Sadly, though, the doctor contracted the virus in late January and passed away in February 2020.

As cases began to explode in Mainland China in late January, countries took matters into their own hands and began restricting travel to and from the China. By early February, more than a dozen countries had closed their borders with China. However, with Beijing fearing the economic fallout from this, it had the W.H.O. reassure that the nations who had imposed travel restriction with China were behaving irrationally and there was no risk to international travel; all the while Beijing's State Media slammed these nations as being racist and politicizing the epidemic.

As the pandemic worsened for many countries, the W.H.O. offered little guidance that was of any use to its member nations. Yet, Taiwan who has been very proactive since the early days of this pandemic have remained relatively unscathed from the wrath of the virus, as it swiftly enforced successful preventative and containments measures. Countries eager for medical aid and advice have now turned to Taiwan to help in controlling this pandemic, with many of its preventative methods and tactics being emulated around the world today. However, the W.H.O. still won't even admit of its existence, as illustrated in a Skype interview last week with the Hong Kong news channel RTHK. During the interview, Bruce Aylward of W.H.O. feigned a bad connection and then ended the call after the journalist asked if the organization would reconsider Taiwan's membership given all the help it has provided the world during this epidemic.

Today, nearly 3/4 of the entire global population is in lockdown. All of the countries that relied on the advice of the W.H.O and the data from the Chinese government have been ravaged by this virus. This has left most member countries questioning the benefit of being part of the World Health Organization, as the W.H.O. and the Director-General is either complicit in Beijing's political agenda or they are highly incompetent; and either way, they provide no value in ensuring the health of our global population.


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