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China Claims the Virus Originated in the USA

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of foreign affairs took to twitter late last month to make broad accusations that the the virus, COVID-19 not only originated in the USA, but that the US government knew about it and was covering it up.

In his rant on twitter, he cited testimony taken out of context from the US CDC that stated that some deaths in the US that were previously classified as the flu, were later to actually have died from COVID-19. Although, the CDC never made mention to the dates of the examinations, the CDC Director assumed that that the audience recognized he was referring to deaths that took place long after the epidemic was underway in China.

China has been suffering from an image issue since the onset of its epidemic as the professional consensus is that the virus started in an unsanitary Wuhan wet market, where locals had a penchant for eating exotic animals. Due to this, most western media and governments equated Zhao Lijian rants as a mere deflection tactic. Nevertheless, Zhao's claims have been running non-stop from with inside China's propaganda mills, where his claims are often regarded as facts amongst its mainland population and increasingly the Chinese diaspora.


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